About us

Welcome to Ceylon Master Gems!

You have got in to the right place for all your precious gemstones & custom made jewelry need. Ceylon Master Gems, is a family own business in Sri lank for many decades. We have opened our Dubai Regional Office, to attain our international clients demands and Present our utmost professional support.

At Ceylon Master Gems we offer true beauty, rarity and value in all of our natural gemstones.

Who we are?

  • We supply to the suppliers! We are a start-to-finish company!
  • We get the rough directly from the gem mines and we do cut/polish in house.
  • We then certify our precious gemstones with international independent laboratories.
  • We do not sell synthetic / laboratory made or any other gemstones which is not natural.

Why from us?

  • We guarantee the value
  • We guarantee the quality
  • We guarantee the authenticity
Our unique inventory sets us apart from other gem and jewelry dealers. Our gemstones are untreated, meaning they are not color diffused, Irradiated, glass filled, etc. Our gemstones are natural and we guarantee it.